Alpha 0.48 - Hyperdrive and Bounties

Changes in this version:

  • Lootboxes now have indicators above them making them easier to find
  • Ships don't attack you by default
  • Ships take damage when colliding with each other (you too)
  • You can become hunted: bounties vary, enemies become more aware of you if you have a larger bounty on your head
  • Laser cannon bullets are now visible and physics-based
  • Full UI rework with stat and item icons, font change and better readability
  • Added additional Laser Cannons to the player ship. These are unlockable with steel.
  • Fixed some issues and performance problems with the saving system
  • Balanced all lootable items
  • Added a new lootable item: "10.000 Steel" is now available in loot boxes
  • Small changes to the Transport Ship interior
  • Complete rewrite of the enemy spaceship controller
  • Added the hyperdrive module, it's currently available from the start but will be unlockable with Galactic Credits (just an in-game currency you get from quests coming soon)
  • Fixed the slow interior loading issue
  • Fixed a lot of performance issues, now the game should run much better on slower systems

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